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        GPC History

        In 1928, Carlyle Fraser founded GPC with the purchase of Motor Parts Depot in Atlanta, Georgia for $40,000. He then renamed the parts store Genuine Parts Company. The original GPC store had annual sales of $75,000 and had only six employees.

        Over the last 90 years, GPC, in relationship with NAPA, has grown rapidly as the number of independent car repair garage shops has increased. From the beginning, GPC stressed swift, reliable service as a way to outflank the competition.

        In the last 45+ years, GPC has continued to grow through the acquisition of other companies in the automotive industry, as well as the industrial and business products industries.

        Today, Genuine Parts Company is a leading parts distributor across the globe with over 3,100 operations in 10 countries, and approximately 50,000 employees.

        GPC Timeline: Please click on the small blue arrow to the right, to follow the timeline.

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